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Grants to Idaho Teachers, Schools, Nonprofits, and Agencies for Professional Development in ...

Deadline 04/01/23

Grants of up to $1,000 to Idaho teachers, schools, nonprofit organizations, Tribal entities, faith-based organizations, and government agencies for professional development efforts that enhance classroom learning. Funding is intended to assist K-12 educators in improvin

GrantWatch ID#: 206998

Grants to Idaho and Montana Public Libraries in Eligible Regions to Purchase Electronic Equi...

Deadline 04/01/23

Grants to Idaho and Montana county public libraries in eligible regions for electronic equipment purchases. The purpose of funding is to enhance the learning environment of local libraries by improving their learning tools. Libraries must be located in the funding sourc

GrantWatch ID#: 178654

Grants to Idaho Nonprofits for Travel or Convention Marketing Programs that Promote Tourism

Deadline 05/27/23 LOI Date: 04/01/23

Grants to Idaho nonprofit organizations for travel and convention marketing programs to promote tourism. Applicants must submit a preliminary application prior to submitting a full proposal. The purpose of this program is to support marketing, research, analysis, study,

GrantWatch ID#: 194751

Grants to Idaho Agencies, Probation Officers, School and Medical Personnel, and Prosecutors to...

Deadline 04/05/23

Grants of up to $5,000 to Idaho law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, government entities, probation officers, medical staff, and school personnel for programs that address child abuse and neglect. Funding is intended to enhance the quality of the administrative, judic

GrantWatch ID#: 205877

Awards to Idaho Individuals and Organizations for Contributions to Historic Preservation

Deadline 04/07/23

Awards to Idaho individuals and organizations to recognize contributions to promoting and preserving state history. Awards are intended to acknowledge people who have displayed dedication to promoting an understanding of Idaho history through public service, professiona

GrantWatch ID#: 179656

Grants to Idaho Individuals to Improve Water Quality and Reduce Water Pollution

Deadline 04/15/23

Grants to Idaho farmers and ranchers for projects to improve the quality of water resources throughout the state. Funding is intended for projects that enhance water quality and reduce pollution through improved management and preservation practices. The purpose of the

GrantWatch ID#: 172808

Grant to an Idaho Nonprofit, Community Organization, or Agency for Community Services in Eligi...

Deadline 04/15/23

Grant of $10,000 to an Idaho nonprofit or community organization or public agency for a wide range of projects that provide community services in eligible regions. Funding is intended for projects in the areas of social services and basic needs. Eligible applicants are

GrantWatch ID#: 191879

Grants to Idaho Nonprofits to Benefit the Community in Eligible Regions

Deadline 04/18/23

Grants of up to $30,000 to Idaho nonprofit organizations to benefit the community in eligible regions. Program areas include youth development, arts and culture, education, quality of life, health and wellbeing, and economic opportunity. This grant program is for the be

GrantWatch ID#: 180653

Grants to Idaho and Washington Nonprofits and Individuals for Charitable, Environmental, and ...

Deadline 04/21/23

Grants to Idaho and Washington nonprofit organizations and qualifying individuals for environmental, educational, charitable, and emergency energy projects in eligible counties. Funding is intended for activities that meet crucial needs such as food, clothing, shelter,

GrantWatch ID#: 179820

Grants to Idaho Nonprofits and Agencies to Improve the Quality of Life for Residents in Elig...

Deadline 04/21/23

Grants of up to $3,000 to Idaho nonprofit organizations, municipalities and public agencies, and school districts to improve the quality of life for residents in eligible locations. Funding is intended for programs and projects, capacity-building efforts, and start-up o

GrantWatch ID#: 179824

Grants to Idaho Small Businesses to Participate in International Trade Shows and Increase Expo...

Deadline 04/28/23

Grants to Idaho small businesses for participation in international trade shows. Funding is intended to increase the number of Idaho companies that export goods, raise the value of Idaho exports, and assist businesses that are pursuing important new trade opportunities.

GrantWatch ID#: 182033

Grants to Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho Organizations and Businesses for the Installation of Renewa...

Deadline 04/28/23

Grants to Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho organizations and for-profit businesses for the installation of renewable energy systems within the funding source's service area. Funding is intended to cover capital construction costs incurred by new projects or by additions to exis

GrantWatch ID#: 182533
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